Hair & Body

Authentic No. 10 Sensitive Moisturiser

৳ 2,300.00

Product weight: 75ml

No.10 Sensitive Moisturiser is enriched with Willow Bark, Borage Seed Oil, and Vitamin E to provide optimum results whilst caring for the skin. This pro-active moisturiser contains the anti-ageing peptide, Tego Pep 4-17 which will help to minimise the appearance of wrinkles, smoothen the skin surface, increase skin elasticity and aid in boosting collagen. It provides 24-hour moisturisation and a non-greasy / matt finish.

Authentic No. 10 Cleansing Scrub

৳ 2,500.00

No.10 Cleansing Scrub is enriched with Willow Bark and Borage Oil to provide optimum results whilst caring for the skin. It helps to stimulate skin-cell renewal with a gentle exfoliation; it is deep cleansing and toning. A great way to prepare the skin for a perfect shave.

Skin Control Advanced Facial Moisturizer

৳ 5,000.00

Product weight: 100 gm

Our advanced facial moisturiser is a smooth and creamy moisturiser with subtle lavender and lime fragrance. It has three active moisturising agents:

Q-10 – a powerful anti-oxidant that occurs naturally in your body which helps to prevent damage to collagen and the elastic production process that helps to reduce and prevent wrinkles.

Carnosine –  which inhibits wrinkle formation.

And Helioguard 365 – which works to prevent cell damage from the sun as well as moisturising the skin.

Suitable for all skin types

Skin Control Facial Cleanser

৳ 2,760.00

Product weight: 100 gm

This cream-based formula is not only moisturizing but also deeply cleansing. It has a subtle lavender and lime fragrance and also contains Jojoba beads which gently exfoliate, preparing the skin for shaving in the morning and/or cleansing at night. The Grape, Lavender, and Sunflower essential oils also help to moisturize and condition the skin giving you the best face forward for your day/night ahead.